Sankashti Dates for 2008

Sankashti always falls on exactly the fourth day after the full moon day of every month. Many of us follow it by fasting the whole day in various ways to suit one’s convenience. Many of them follow only that Sankashti which falls on Tuesdays, it is Lord Ganapathi’s day. There is a belief that if a person follows Tuesday’s Sankashti, it is as good as having followed 21 Sankashtis.

In this post I am putting up the exact dates and days on which Sankashti falls each month in the coming year. If there are any changes, I will update this post. I have also mentioned moon-rise times for those days since people have their dinner only after the moon rise. In this year, there is only one Tuesday Sankashti, which falls in March 2008.

See a list of other Hindu festivals here.

Date Moon rise
Friday, January 25 9.18 pm
Sunday , February 24 10.06 pm
Tuesday, March 25 9.43 pm
Thursday, April 24 10.08 pm
Friday, May 23 9.40 pm
Sunday, June 22 9.05 pm
Monday, July 21 9.21 pm
Wednesday, August 20 9.25 pm
Thursday, September 18 8.57 pm
Friday, October 17 8.30 pm
Sunday, November 16 9.17 pm
Monday, December 15 9.05 pm

63 thoughts on “Sankashti Dates for 2008”

  1. Hi,

    Thank you very Much..
    I stay in England.
    Are the above moon rise timings applicable during the day light savings?

    Cheers !


  2. Hi,

    Thank you very much..
    u have a wonderfull blog..
    i live in Sydney, Australia
    Iam doing Sankasti from past 8 years, but after coming here to Sydney, now for me it is so hard to find the Sankasti date and timing for the moon.. i asked in so many temples about Sankasti date for each month here in Sydney.. i didn’t get any good answer. i searched in net so many times.. didn’t find a good answer.. after going thru all these i started doing sankasti fourth day after the full moon day of every month..iam very happy to see the Sankasti information in your website.. Can you please give the details of Sankasti for the next year 2009…thank you..


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